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HyFlex® 11-926


Ultimate performance for oily environments

HyFlex® 11-926 is the first light weight HyFlex® style to combine a 3⁄4 dip geometry, oil repellence and oil grip in a single flexible glove.

The HyFlex® 11-926 features a durable coating secure grip in oily environments. The liner is made with one of the finest gauge nylon fiber dipped in a 3⁄4 design to ensure back of finger full protection.

This unique blend of protection, performance and flexibility features bridges the gap from previous generation 3⁄4 dip oil repellent general purpose gloves build on cut and sewn cotton liners to the latest seamless palm dip gloves. The HyFlex®11-926 is adding enhanced flexibility, tactility and oil grip to the previous generation design whilst improving oil repellency, oil grip and wear life over the latest design. View full product listing


  • Automotive & Auto OEM 
  • Electrical Machinery
  • Machinery & Equipment 
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Power Tools
  • Transportation Equipment

  • Light parts cutting, sorting, inspection in stamping,
  • Loading and downloading parts on and off the line, inspection of machined parts and components in metal working
  • Assembly of oily components after machining
  • Maintenance

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