Ansell Guardian® is our proprietary service to help companies select the right personal protective equipment solution to improve their safety, productivity and cost performance.


AnsellCARES is a program guided and supported by a Scientific Advisory Network that includes leading scientists, physicians, educators and researchers from around the world.


With an Ansell license, you will gain access to innovative patented technologies surrounding the materials and design of our cutting edge products. Our experts will work with you to reach an agreement that suits your needs.




Ansell is a global leader in healthcare barrier protection. We have a committed workforce of more than 10,000 spread across 42 countries dedicated to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of our products all around the world.

Ansell recognises that its business impacts the community, the environment and the wider economy. Our belief is that it is good business practice to be aware of these impacts and respond to them effectively.

Ansell acknowledges the need to consider the risks and opportunities that they present for the company. The company is committed to understanding these impacts and ensuring its business minimises any negative impacts arising from its operations.

Ansell understands that it is crucial for economic development needs to be aligned with the health and well being of people, their communities and the environment. It is sound business management for Ansell, as a company to address its social and environmental performance as well as economic performance.

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Ansell Limited is committed to conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner while striving to sustain the goals of the company. The company will continually assess the impacts of its operations to protect and improve on the environment and promote environmental awareness with its employees.

Ansell acknowledges that reducing unnecessary waste and minimizing the consumption of scarce resources is consistent with ongoing financial sustainability in terms of meeting the expectations of our stakeholders, reducing costs and minimizing risks.

Through its operations, Ansell is committed to eliminating unnecessary waste, resource conservation, reducing energy consumption, water efficiency management, monitoring and reducing emissions of all pollutants and complying with relevant environmental regulations and standards.

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The well being of the Ansell employees is vital to growing its business for the benefit of customers, shareholders and the wider community. The company is committed to provide a healthy, safe and engaging work environment.

Ansell strives to maintain a health and safety management system conforming to government standards and industry best practices - integrated with the profitable operation of the company.

The company's employment policies commit to:

Providing a safe working environment through best practice in health and safety management in all its businesses.

Being an equal opportunity employer, committed to developing a diverse workforce. 

Creating an environment where everyone is encouraged to give their best and raise their full potential, through the provision of learning and development opportunities.

Please click here for a copy of the Safety & Loss Control Policy

Please click here for a copy of the 5-Point Safety Charter


Ansell Limited is committed to procuring products and services in ways that are socially responsible, meet the community's expectations of us as a good corporate citizen and reflect our values. In evaluation and selecting suppliers, the company assesses the environmental and social issues associated with its operations and make sure that they share the company's environmental and social standards.

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At Ansell Limited, Corporate Responsibility means conducting business ethically and transparently and in ways that produce social, environmental and economic benefits for communities around the world. In addition to ensuring that it conducts its business ethically and transparently, Ansell is committed to a number of sustainable and practical initiatives that are designed to make a positive and lasting contribution to the markets it serves and the community in general.

Ansell Limited is a founding member of the Asia Pacific coalition on HIV/AIDS (APBCHA). APBCHA aims to focus private sector attention on the growing HIV epidemic in the region, to ensure best practice approach to HIV policy and program development across the region, and to assist in coordinating and promoting effective workplace HIV educational programs.

Ansell sponsors an online workplace safety focused community for the workplace safety industry. The Online Safety Community is a social networking site for safety managers, foremen, safety engineers, factory and construction workers, and anyone for whom workplace safety is a profession or passion to meet, share ideas and work together to pioneer new ways of making workplaces safer and more productive. 

Ansell CaresSM is an international healthcare education and awareness programme initiated by Ansell.

Guided and supported by a Scientific Advisory Network which includes leading scientists, physicians, educators and researchers from around the world, the Ansell CaresSM programme seeks to provide a safer working and living environment while promoting good health and well being. 


The Ansell CaresSM charter is to create education and awareness campaigns among healthcare professionals, industry experts and those at risk of infection, in the identification and prevention of occupational diseases and infection transmission.

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