Ansell Guardian® is our proprietary service to help companies select the right personal protective equipment solution to improve their safety, productivity and cost performance.


AnsellCARES is a program guided and supported by a Scientific Advisory Network that includes leading scientists, physicians, educators and researchers from around the world.


With an Ansell license, you will gain access to innovative patented technologies surrounding the materials and design of our cutting edge products. Our experts will work with you to reach an agreement that suits your needs.


Technological Leadership

With the growing awareness of safety in the professional, occupational and consumer markets, and with the number of threats ever expanding, the demand for protection solutions has risen dramatically over the past few years. Today’s healthcare workers, industrial operators and consumers require high-quality products that seamlessly combine safety with comfort - and even style. Driven by their needs, wishes and demands, Ansell is constantly striving to design, develop and manufacture new technologies and new solutions, thereby ensuring higher protection and comfort levels.

Innovation: core of our existence

Innovation has been at the core of Ansell's existence ever since its foundation: not only in its products, but also in the value-added services offered, the build up of the value chain, in the way Ansell approaches end-users. Technological innovation comes alive with our product managers and business leaders working closely with end users to understand their needs as well as "unmet" needs. These needs are then translated into solutions and into technology and design requirements.



In House Think Tank

Our research team works closely with marketing, sales, manufacturing and regulatory personnel to ensure we meet customer needs, product requirements and legal standards. By joining forces with renowned universities and leading research organizations worldwide, Ansell Limited innovates faster and with more market focus.

Innovation Facilities

Ansell operates 5 major innovation centers in Colombo, Sri Lanka (Industrial- Mechanical), Melaka, Malaysia (Medical), Cyberjaya, Malaysia (SU and Industrial-Chemical), Surathani, Thailand (SW), Clemson NC, U.S.A. (Textile Technologies). In addition Ansell has R&D staff at each of the 19 manufacturing facilities around the world and in Reno Nevada, U.S.A.

We also have established four centers of excellence at production plants in the following locations:
  • Melaka, Malaysia
  • Surat Thani, Thailand
  • Juarez, Mexico
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ansell Worldwide

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