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Ansell, a global leader in barrier protective products, presents AnsellGUARDIAN®. It is a unique suite of management tools helping businesses improve safety, efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.


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AnsellCARES is a program guided and supported by a Scientific Advisory Network that includes leading scientists, physicians, educators and researchers from around the world.


With an Ansell license, you will gain access to innovative patented technologies surrounding the materials and design of our cutting edge products. Our experts will work with you to reach an agreement that suits your needs.


Shareholder FAQ

Want to become an Ansell Limited shareholder? For assistance please see the Questions and Answers below or contact a member of the Investor Relations team.


    How do I buy shares in Ansell Healthcare?

    You may buy Ansell Healthcare shares through your stockbroker just as you would buy shares in other listed companies.

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    How much will Ansell Healthcare shares cost?

    The share price is determined by the market.

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    Will Ansell Healthcare shares be a good buy?

    Ansell Healthcare can't give advice about its own shares or those of any other company. A stockbroker or other financial adviser can give such investment advice.

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    Where can I buy Ansell Healthcare shares?

    Ansell Healthcare shares are listed on the Australian stock exchanges.

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    How and where do I find a good stockbroker?

    Ansell Healthcare can't recommend a stockbroker, but we suggest you contact the Australian Stock Exchange. Alternatively, you could visit the ASX website which provides a guide for this process.

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    What's the minimum amount of shares I can buy?

    Currently the minimum investment is $500 (Aust $).

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