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AnsellCARES is a program guided and supported by a Scientific Advisory Network that includes leading scientists, physicians, educators and researchers from around the world.


Professional Education

The following programs are available for download as a valuable resource to healthcare workers world-wide. For regionally specific modules, scroll down to find your region.


Region Specific Education

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Prevention of Sharps Injuries in the Healthcare Setting

Guidance on implementation of sharps safety initiatives to help facilities comply with the European Sharp Directive.  

North America

Accreditation for completion of these programs is available free of charge for registered nurses and surgical technologists in the United States.

CLICK HERE to take the online program tests for Registered Nurses.

Sharps and Ergonomic Safety in the Healthcare Setting

This self-study, Clinical Reference Manual: SHARPS AND ERGONOMIC SAFETY ISSUES IN THE HEALTHCARE SETTING, is one in a series of continuing education services provided by Ansell. This education module examines sharps injuries and ergonomic issues. 
32-pg. self-study guide; test; 2.5 contact hours
Download PDF

Surgical Gloves and Electrosurgery

Learn the basic principles of electrosurgery as related to surgical gloves and ways to prevent intraoperative electrical shock or burn to surgical personnel during electrosurgery.
8-pg. self-study guide; tests; 1.0 contact hour
Download PDF

Chemical Allergy Masquerade

This continuing education activity will present a review of the problem of chemical allergies associated with glove use today. The difference between latex and chemical allergies will be outlined. The incidence, causes, and symptoms of chemical allergies, followed by treatment options, will be reviewed.
20-pg. self-study guide; test; 2.0 contact hours
Download PDF

Bioterrorism Agents and Barrier Protection

This educational module examines the history and evolution of bioterrorism, including an extensive review of the six primary biological agents and their repective clinical presentations; as well as prevention strategies and infection control measures; amd appropriate barrier protection for each of the agents. 
28-pg. self-study guide; test; 3.0 contact hours
Download PDF

Basic Considerations of Radiation Safety and Barrier Protection

Points discussed in this material are radiology; history of medical diagnostic imaging; biological effects of x-rays; safety principles for using x-rays; the three categories of radiation used in medicine; regulations related to radiation exposure; and monitoring of radiation exposure. 
19-pg. self-study guide; test; 1.2 contact hours
Download PDF

Handling Cytotoxic Drugs; A HEALTH AND SAFETY REVIEW

This self-study, Clinical Reference Manual: Handling Cytotoxic Drugs; a Health and Safety Review, is one in a series of continuing educational services provided by Ansell. This educational module examines glove use in handling cytotoxic drugs.
21-pg. self-study guide; test; 2.0 contact hours
Download PDF

Improving Outcomes in the Operating Room

This continuing education activity will provide perioperative nurses with information on improved strategies to protect themselves and patients in the operating room. It will review single-use versus multiple use items, provide up-to-date information on barrier protection and look at ways to control waste and protect the environment.
20-pg. self-study guide; test; 2.0 contact hours
Download PDF 

Respiratory Protection in Surgery

This continuing education activity will present a review of the risks associated with exposure to surgical smoke. The contents of surgical smoke, as well as the potential respiratory hazards, will be discussed. Surgical masks and surgical N95 respirators will be differentiated in terms of respiratory protection.
20-pg. self-study guide; test; 2.0 contact hours
Download PDF

Hand Hygiene: Skin and Hand Care and the Healthcare Setting

This educational program offers the leaner another opportunity to understand and integrate the recent CDC recommendations for hand hygiene. It reviews the clinical skin issues that can be fundamental in understanding good skin health and how to maintain healthy skin. It reviews the barriers to compliance so HCW's can overcome them in the facility. 
19-pg. self-study guide; test; 1.25 contact hours
Download PDF

Understanding Latex Allergy in the Healthcare Setting

Latex allergy is a term that describes the range of allergic reactions to substances in natural rubber latex (NRL). An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. Allergic reactions appear when a person’s immune system reacts to nontoxic substances in the environment, in this case natural rubber latex. NRL gloves are the main source of allergic reactions.
20-pg. self-study guide; test; 2.0 contact hours
Download PDF

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Allergies & Skin Irritants

A Guide to Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials

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Glove Selection & Utilization

A Glove For Every Need





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