Ansell Guardian® is our proprietary service to help companies select the right personal protective equipment solution to improve their safety, productivity and cost performance.


AnsellCARES is a program guided and supported by a Scientific Advisory Network that includes leading scientists, physicians, educators and researchers from around the world.


With an Ansell license, you will gain access to innovative patented technologies surrounding the materials and design of our cutting edge products. Our experts will work with you to reach an agreement that suits your needs.


A New Vision for INTERCEPT™ Technology

A Global Product Development Engine

Platform Thinking

INTERCEPT™ Technology is a product development platform developed to manage Ansell cut-protection innovation resources now and in the future. It focuses our growing expertise in the engineering and manufacture of cut protection styles on producing gloves optimized to meet the dexterity, tactility and comfort requirements of the world’s most demanding industrial workplaces.

Quality Control, Peace of Mind

Working with cut risks require a high level of confidence in protective gear — from task to task, shift to shift and glove to glove. Ansell cut resistant gloves that perform reliably year after year provide a sense of assurance on industrial worksites where predictable protection is the ideal response for unpredictable risks.

Optimized Choices

The HyFlex portfolio with INTERCEPT™ Technology reflects Ansell GUARDIAN evaluations of global workplace cut risk trends. Our selection of cut-resistant styles is based on industry,work process and workstation level analytics. By optimizing the performance of styles for related applications we equip companies to provide more protection for more workers at a lower cost.

Worker Experience-Led Design

INTERCEPT™ Technology is engineered as part of a portfolio of advanced technologies developed by Ansell to transform global insights about workplace needs into solutions that enhance worker comfort, protection and performance. All are critical to a better day at work. And when they work together to get the balance right performance soars.

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