Ansell Guardian® is our proprietary service to help companies select the right personal protective equipment solution to improve their safety, productivity and cost performance.


AnsellCARES is a program guided and supported by a Scientific Advisory Network that includes leading scientists, physicians, educators and researchers from around the world.


With an Ansell license, you will gain access to innovative patented technologies surrounding the materials and design of our cutting edge products. Our experts will work with you to reach an agreement that suits your needs.


Our Technologies

AQUADRI® Moisture Management Technology


Aquadri® is an Ansell patent-pending technology and flocked foam nitrile coating on the interior of the glove. It creates an open-celled foam structure that provides unrivaled moisture and a cooler, drier, more comfortable fit. It absorbs up to 10x more moisture than cotton flocking keeping workers' hands comfortable for longer.

Ansell research in industrial environments link moisture management directly to glove comfort, that's why cool and dry are essential for our research and development mission to give every worker a more comfortable experience.

Aquadri® takes chemical glove comfort to a whole new level. 
Less sweat. Higher performance. Greater comfort.

INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology



Ansell’s new Intercept Technology™ provides workers with greater cut protection, whilst providing high levels of dexterity that have never been previously achieved at this level of mechanical performance.

This technology is intended to upgrade hand protection and productivity in work environments where sharp tools and materials are handled. These applications can be found in automotive (press and body shop, welding), metal fabrication, white goods and the glass industry. In industries where workers handle sharp materials, the risk of a cut injury is ever present. 

Our revolutionary Intercept™ Cut Resistance Technology minimizes the risk of cut for our customers. By observing working conditions, insights about cut risk are turned into a safer glove experience for workers. 

Intercept™ is a specialized knitting technology which blends engineered,synthetic and natural fibers into high performance yarns. This provides high-cut protection with exceptional comfort and dexterity.

A breakthrough in knit glove protection, Intercept™ keeps hands secure from cut risks longer.

Intercept™. High dexterity. Greater comfort. Maximum cut protection.

ZONZ™ Comfort Fit Technology


Zonz™ Technology is an innovative knitting process that uses varying stitch designs around stress areas to enhance hand movement and stretch for maximum flexibility and dexterity. It's ergonomic and tailored fit also help reduce hand fatigue.

ANSELL GRIP - Ansell Grip Technology™


Better grip and control make you reach higher

Revolutionary "wet-grip" technology

Poor grip when handling wet or oil-coated objects in industrial environments reduces comfort and causes increased stress, leading to fatigue, muscle strain, risk of carpal tunnel injury and consequently reduced output. That’s why finding ways to help workers maintain their grip on wet or oily objects has been a major concern for industry.

As the global leader in hand protection, Ansell has developed the revolutionary new Ansell Grip Technology™ (patent pending) to answer this demand from our customers. Ansell Grip Technology™ provides the ‘Gecko-like’ grip in adverse conditions that makes the difference between a sure hold and the breakages and waste that result from loss of grip.

Ansell Grip Technology™ gives your workers the grip, the control and the confidence to get the job done safely. Even when an object starts to slip, applying minimal extra force allows the glove wearer to regain a safe hold. Your workforce gains in both comfort and confidence – you gain in productivity.

RIPEL™ - Liquid Repellance Techology


Greater durability. More breathable. Higher performance.

Jobs that require regular contact with abrasive materials shorten the life of the glove, exposing hands to more frequent risks. Fortix™ applies a thin, resilient and breathable nitrile foam coating to knitted gloves, dramatically extending their working life and improving their comfort.

This Fortix™ Technology sets a new benchmark in durability for light and ultralight glove styles. 

FORTIX™ Abrasion Resistance Technology


FORTIX™ is a patent pending technology that applies a thin, resilient and breathable nitrile foam coating to knitted gloves to dramatically extend their working life and improve their comfort in abrasive applications.

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