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Hidden Cost Of Latex

Compare the costs of converting from latex gloves to non-latex gloves by adding your relevant details into the cost calculator below. You will have the chance to calculate your current costs associated with latex usage and the total cost of difference to convert to non-latex glove products.
  1. Select your currency from the drop down
  2. In the first column, input your numbers within the available boxes to populate your product costs
  3. In the second column, enter the number for each field and if the values are not relevant to your costs you can update as needed

Additional product cost of switching completely to non-latex gloves


/simple anaphylactic episode 0.00
/simple anaphylactic episode 0.00
/day of agency nurse 0.00
/instance 0.00
/instance (3h) 0.00

Current cost associated with latex usage


Cost Savings on Non-Latex Conversion

Total cost difference


1. Simple anaphylactic episode cost between US$5–25K (averaged to 15K/allergic episode). References: 1. Elder JS. Latex gloves : time for a change. Journal of Urology 2006; 175: 1193-1194. 2. Bollinger Me, Mudd K, Keible. A Hospital-Based Screening Program for Natural Rubber Latex Allergy Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology 2002; 6: 560-567

2. Average delay time: 30 minutes. Cost estimated at $26/minute (does not include staff & other costs). References: 1. Ansell interview data on hospitals. Data on file. 2013. 2. Estimates from Donna McDaniel, Director Surgical Services and Carol Miller, Peri-operative Services Educator. Face-to-face interview, June 2011. Accessed: September 2013

3. Average cost $66/h. References: 1. Ansell interview data on hospitals.

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