Ansell, a global leader in barrier protective products, presents AnsellGUARDIAN®. It is a unique suite of management tools helping businesses improve safety, efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.


AnsellCARES is a program guided and supported by a Scientific Advisory Network that includes leading scientists, physicians, educators and researchers from around the world.


With an Ansell license, you will gain access to innovative patented technologies surrounding the materials and design of our cutting edge products. Our experts will work with you to reach an agreement that suits your needs.



The Utility industry is broad ranging from Power Generation, Water & Wastewater Treatment, and Garbage Management to Telecommunication. Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) within this industry has started migrating into the 21st Century. Ansell is leading this evolution by offering solutions for operators, maintenance, material & chemical handling, and laboratory applications within the industry. Ansell keeps workers safe by offering advanced mechanical, electrical, and flame protection properties with better dexterity and comfort.

High-performance technologies

Utility professionals work in demanding environments that often require mechanical, electrical ,and flame protection while still maintaining high levels of dexterity and hand movement. As the undisputed world leader in hand protection, Ansell offers a suite of solutions for the utility industry combined with unequalled expertise and a high value-service package.

Ansell’s HyFlex®, PowerFlex®, AlphaTec®, and TouchNTuff® branded products provide light, medium and heavy duty protection across a range of multi-purpose and special purpose applications. Consequently, we help boost worker acceptance, foster the use of adequate gloves and hence reduce occupational injuries and their cost to the industry.

Flame Retardency (FR) and Arc Flash protection are becoming increasingly important in Power Generation. Workers often wear FR and Arc rated clothing, but what about their gloves? Consider PowerFlex® 80-813 which provides a unique combination of FR and Arc 2 level performance with ANSI cut level 4 mechanical protection in a surprisingly comfortable knitted construction.

Outstanding service and Ansell Guardian® program

Ansell offers the utility industry a high-value service. At your request, our dedicated group of sales specialists will work alongside your plant personnel to determine each workstation’s requirements and then make recommendations to bring about:
  • improved worker safety
  • increased productivity through improved worker comfort, efficiency and performance
  • significant reduction in direct and indirect safety costs

Ansell Worldwide

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