Products & Brands

Brands that inspire a sense of operational reliability and protection

"Better protection" has been the goal of Ansell Limited ever since the company was founded. In its constant quest for ever-improved protection, comfort and quality, Ansell communicates intensively with communities, end-users and expert trade associations to gauge their wants and needs.

Led by that feedback and market trends, Ansell has developed - and continue to develop - a broad brand offering including innovative products to meet every protection need in professional, occupational and consumer healthcare.

Ansell brands set themselves apart by their high quality, superior performance and state-of-the-art comfort and fit. But, most of all, people around the world have come to know the Ansell brands as brands they can rely on. For the protection and comfort levels they ensure, but also for the expertise, support and services they are inextricably linked to - as a token of Ansell’s commitment to a world where everyone and everything is optimally protected.

Industrial Brands

Hand and arm protection solutions for industrial workers environments.

alphatec hyflex powerflex sol-vex touchntuff

Medical Brands

Medical Gloves, Healthcare Safety Devices, and Active Infection Prevention products for healthcare environments.

sandel encore
gammex medigrip

Specialty Markets Brands

High performance, application-specific gloves for highly demanding environments.

Activarmr projex versa touch

Sexual Wellness Brands

Condoms, lubricants and vibrating devices.

lifestyleszeroskyn blowtex jissbon kamasutra manix mates akuel unimil