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MEDI-GRIP Latex Powder-free Surgery Application - Operation

For Everyday Protection

MEDI-GRIP powder-free gloves deliver everyday protection to surgeons, operating room nurses and technicians to help them perform their daily tasks safely and comfortably. We offer a range of solutions to meet the essential demands you expect from your sterile, powder-free surgical gloves.


Powder-free for me

Allergy protection

Still Using Powdered Gloves?

Glove powder poses a risk to both health care workers and patients. To reduce the risk of glove-powder complications and to minimise glove-powder infection risk, powder-free gloves are recommended. Ansell was the first major company to offer a full line of powder-free latex gloves.

The life changing impact of a latex allergy

The professional and personal life of registered nurse Melita Taylor was dramatically impacted upon being diagnosed with Type I bi-phasic latex allergy.
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