MICROCHEM® 4000 AIRline - Model 750

Encapsulated chemical protective suits for use with air-fed/supplied systems

Key Features and Benefits
  • Exceptional protection, over 200 chemicals permeation tested, including chemical warfare agents
  • Welded and taped seams, our highest barrier to liquids and particulates
  • Panoramic visor design ensures a good field of vision for the wearer
  • Double elasticated cuffs enables a liquid tight connection with chemical protective gloves (additional taping or AlphaTec® Glove Connector)
  • Air permeable SMS collar maintains sufficient air in the breathing zone whilst allowing excess air to flow into the body of the suit 
  • Four exhalation valves allows a full range of movement without risk of excessive pressure causing harm to the suit or the wearer
  • Emergency rip cord permits rapid doffing of the suit in cases of emergency or undue distress to the wearer
  • Anti-static, tested according to EN 1149-5
  • Attached socks with elasticated boot overflap
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product category

Chemical Protective Suits Chemical Protective Suits
Ventilated/Air Fed

Product Material

Multi-layer non woven barrier laminate fabric

Design Features

Fully encapsulated suit designed for use in combination with continuous flow compressed air line breathing apparatus; Sundström SR507 (sold separately). Suit features include double elasticated cuffs, attached socks with elasticated boot overflap, panoramic visor design, four exhalation valves, air permeable SMS collar and emergency rip cord.

Seam Type

Ultrasonically Welded & Taped Seams

Standards Overview

CE CATEGORY III (Type 3, EN 1073-1, EN 14594, EN 1149-5)

Product Reference

4000 AIRline - Model 750


S-3XL (02-07)



  • Chemical
  • Life Sciences
  • Mining
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Oil and gas
  • Contaminated Environments
  • Chemical Handling
  • Filling, blending and charging of raw materials
  • Transferring liquids and solids
  • Opening and draining pumps valves or lines
  • Loading and unloading of proces equipment
  • Raw material sample collection
  • Concentration mixing and palletisation
  • Hazmat response
  • Assembly and disassembly of large pipes
  • COLOR Green