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safety briefing

19. September 2019

Protection from Petrochemicals

Despite their ubiquitous presence, petrochemicals are far from benign. Are you aware of the health hazards associated with their use?

Ansell body protection Microchem 3000
31. July 2019

Chemical Protective Suits

Determining the most appropriate chemical protective clothing choice is made difficult by the sheer number of potentially toxic substances and vastly different exposure risks in each application, along with the wealth of available clothing options and construction types.

AlphaTec Body Protection
01. July 2019

Protection against gases

While all hazardous substances can pose risks to workers, gases are particularly difficult to manage. Many highly toxic gases are colourless, odourless, flammable or highly volatile.

PVC gloves
07. May 2019

The drawbacks of PVC

Vinyl (PVC) gloves are a widely used as a protective solution in industrial settings. It is also a relatively inexpensive option, a factor which contributes to its broad use. Price, however, isn’t the best indicator of suitability and vinyl presents material limitations that may be difficult to identify at first glance.


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