safety briefing

11. January 2019

Heat Exposure

Heat exposure is not limited to outdoor environments, with indoor locations also posing significant risk when workers are confined to poorly ventilated areas, or heat producing settings such as kitchens, foundries, laundries or chemical plants.

28. November 2018

Protect the hands that feed

Few industries exhibit the breadth of workplace hazards found within the food and beverage processing sector. Process workers perform a vast array of tasks, often in harsh environmental conditions, and are required to work with tools and mechanical l hazards. So, how can safety managers easily determine which glove to use for each application within this multifaceted industry?

14. November 2018

Common misconceptions of leather

Understanding the limitations of leather will lead to better decision making in hand protection selection. The following erroneous beliefs have given leather an undeserved reputation.

24. October 2018

Minimise the damaging effects of extreme environments

There are many applications that require the use of protective gloves to combat either hot or cold conditions. Beyond ambient temperature, additional environmental influences, dexterity requirement, and glove construction qualities will help identify selection of the most suitable protection.