Andrew Compton
Andrew Compton June 06, 2019

Want to Improve Safety, Lower Costs and Save Time?

When you’re a safety manager, determining the best PPE for your company can be a challenge, especially since there’s a lot on the line. The health and safety of employees, the productivity of your business and the company’s bottom line are all on the table.

Significantly improving worker safety while also lowering costs and saving yourself valuable time starts with a better game plan. Proper planning and regular PPE assessments are the best ways to reduce injuries, expenses and downtime while also increasing productivity.

To date, Ansell has conducted more than 15,000 assessments through our Ansell Guardian® program to help companies make better PPE decisions. These assessments have saved companies a total $148M. The program has also helped reduce injuries by 65 percent and increased product optimization by 25 percent on average.

To find out how an assessment could save you time and money, and see how it has helped similar companies in your industry, take our new five-question quiz.

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