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Join Us for another AnsellCARES Partners in Protection Webinar Series: Creative Strategies to Successfully Implement Friction Reducing Devices at a Level 1 Trauma Center

Join Manon Lebreche, Manager, Injury Prevention at Tampa General Hospital, as she discusses the use of friction reducing devices and their potential impact on improving staff and patient safety. The presentation will include a review of the evidence around MSDs and the challenges faced with patient handling. Experiences will be shared on successful strategies for system-wide implementation, training and long-term utilization. Lessons learned for improving staff compliance through the use of safe patient handling protocols and use for patient proning will also be discussed.

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COVID-19 and Laboratory Services

Join Maureen Spencer, M.Ed, RN, CIC, FAPIC, Infection Preventionist Consultant, and prolific writer and researcher, as she describe the impact of COVID-19 and recommended preventative practices, discusses key considerations for establishing a safe environment for lab personnel, and reviews the PPE required for different activities carried out in the lab relating to handling and processing COVID-19 specimens.

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Impact of Low Quality PPE on Infection Control

Join Dr. Cath Murphy, Standards Manager for the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) and global expert in infection prevention and control, as she discusses the risk of using low quality personal protective equipment in healthcare settings and the impact it has on infection control. You will learn the global and national practices dictating the manufacturing standards of PPE quality, as well as how to assess PPE and glove quality for ensuring high protection levels.

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Reopening Dental Practices: Infection Control Challenges

Join Dr. Roslyn Franklin, BDSc, GCert Infection Prevention and Control specialist and dentist as she presents best practices when preparing to reopen dental practices. With her respected consultancy business, Amalgamate, Roslyn has focused on working with and educating dental teams to achieve realistic and best practice infection prevention and control practice in Australia. Watch as she provides you with realistic and evidence-based infection control measures to reduce risk and improve safety for all workers and patients.

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Webinar Summary

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Occupational Latex Allergy

Learn to differentiate between Type I, Type IV allergic responses and dermatitis; identify the incidence, causes and symptoms of latex allergy; understand the diagnosis of Type I Allergy; identify strategies and current recommendations to reduce latex allergy.
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