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Ansell Ltd. April 02, 2013


Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, today announces that the Trellchem® Splash 2000P splash protective suit has been re-selected to be part of the full scale decontamination system developed and manufactured by German company Dönges GmbH and sold to German region Nordrhein-Westfahlen.

“We are very happy to learn that our Trellchem suits are still the preferred solution for this advanced decontamination solution,” says Thomas Draskovics, President and General Manager Ansell Specialty Markets. “Ansell is committed to delivering innovative products to our customers including those who must perform in the most challenging and demanding environments.”

The Trellchem Splash 2000P suit is an encapsulating splash protective suit with a PAPR unit (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) providing combined chemical and respiratory protection. It is ideal for use by decontamination personnel as it can provide long working hours for rescue personnel wearing the suits. The suit has an encapsulating design with a small hump to accommodate the PAPR unit worn inside the suit. The respiratory device is a SCOTT PROFLOW 2 SC PAPR with airflow of 160 l/min, audible alarm and twin filter system utilizing standard filters.

The suit fulfills standards EN 14605 type 3 “liquid tight”, and EN 1149-5 Antistatic suit material. In conjunction with the breathing air fan, the overall also complies with EN 12941 - the European standard for a powered air filtering device incorporating a face shield or visor.

The full scale mobile decontamination system V-Dekon by company Dönges GmbH is based on a hookarm container and on location extended with a quick inflatable tent on each side of the container giving a total work area of 48 m² per tent. The unit is divided into three separate areas consisting of 1) tent area for contaminated work, 2) shower area inside the actual container, and 3) tent area for the decontaminated persons (clean area). The total capacity of the system is 50 persons per hour and all necessary equipment, materials and consumables are available within the unit.

The Trellchem Splash 2000P suit is part of the standard equipment being stored inside the container where each container holds 34 pcs of Trellchem Splash 2000P suits complete with PAPR units. Regional fire brigades of Nordrhein-Westfahlen have 1400 Trellchem Splash 2000P suits in use together with their V-Dekon containers. More information on Trellchem Splash 2000P can be found at



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