AlphaTec® Manual Pressure Test Kit

Previously known as: TRELLCHEM® Trelltest

For checking gas-tight integrity of AlphaTec® Level A/Type 1 gas-tight suits.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Complete kits: For testing encapsulating and non-encapsulating suits
  • Versatile adapters: For use with AlphaTec® and older TRELLCHEM® suits
  • Complies with European and American test methods: Safety assured


  • Enhanced usability: The AlphaTec® Manual Pressure Test Kit are available in complete kits for both encapsulating and non-encapsulating suits
  • Increased versatility: This manual pressure test kit provides adapters for use with both AlphaTec® and the older TRELLCHEM® suits
  • Added protection: To improve personal protection, the AlphaTec® Manual Pressure Test Kit tests according to both European and American test methods and includes comprehensive Instructions for Use

Product details

  • MODELS AVAILABLE Type CV / Type VP1 / Type Freeflow / Type T / Type All

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