Live On-Site Presentation Requests

Our clinical continuing education and professional development accredited courses are also designed to be facilitated on-site by an AnsellCARES clinical team members in the US and Australia for RNs.  We also offer non-accredited education opportunities for all healthcare professionals.

Available presentation topics include:

  1. Basic Considerations of Radiation Safety and Barrier Protection           
  2. Chemical Allergy Masquerade          
  3. Hand Hygiene: Skin and Hand Care in the Healthcare Setting           
  4. Improving Outcomes in the Operating Room         
  5. Respiratory Protection in Surgery          
  6. Sharps Safety in the Healthcare Setting          
  7. Understanding Latex Allergy in the Healthcare Setting           
  8. Understanding the Issues of Double Gloving           

For more information on scheduling these programs, please contact the AnsellCARES clinical team at med-reply@ansell.com.