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Ansell Expands Glove Line Offered in Vending Program

Vending is integrated with Ansell Guardian® to cut costs, improve safety


July 24, 2013, Iselin, NJ, - Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, added 10 popular HyFlex® and PowerFlex® styles to its work glove vending program which is fully integrated with Ansell Guardian, the company’s solutions-based cost savings and profitability improvement process. The Ansell Guardian approach addresses both personal protective equipment (PPE) performance and worker acceptance to boost safety and reduce costs.

The expanded Ansell vending program includes six multipurpose HyFlex and PowerFlex gloves, a special purpose PowerFlex glove and eight cut protective HyFlex gloves, each available in a range of sizes. New additions to the vending line include Ansell’s high visibility HyFlex 11-515 gloves, HyFlex 11-518 cut resistant gloves with bare hand-like sensation, and HyFlex Ultra-Lite 11-618 gloves for precision applications. All gloves within the Ansell vending program are available with customized, vending-ready packaging for added convenience.

Vending machines offering PPE can save companies 25 to 40 percent through increased efficiency, reduced theft, better inventory management and greater safety through increased compliance. The use of vending machines as a PPE distribution solution for plant environments has increased 368 percent since 2011, growing to more than 34,500 machines in 2012. Industry estimates project the number of machines to expand by 30,000 during the coming year.

“Vending programs are popular because they are easy to use and allow plants to control the PPE available to each worker, which encourages compliance and reduces waste,” said Bob Gaither, Ansell senior vice president and regional director, North America. “The machines compile reports on product usage and can be programmed to dispense only the work glove or other product an individual worker should wear – in just the right size and quantity.”

Most vending programs are available at little or no cost to the industrial end user, with some suppliers providing PPE on consignment so the company pays for only the products workers use. Plant management or the safety director typically determines the products offered through a vending program and can request the work glove brand workers are presently wearing.

Conducting an assessment using diagnostic tools such as Ansell Guardian can help plant management analyze the risks and hazards associated with each job and understand how workers obtain and use PPE. “In some cases, employees may have unlimited access to PPE, which allows them to acquire any product they want any time,” said Gaither. “Lack of controlled distribution may result in higher PPE costs and workers may suffer more injuries because they select the wrong gloves for tasks.”

In addition, PPE training is essential so workers understand the benefits of specific products and how they are used. This type of education helps ensure acceptance and compliance.

Ansell launched its vending program in 2011, offering five work glove styles. The 2013 product line expansion results from growing customer demand for specific products and increased awareness of the cost-savings associated with PPE vending.

For more information about Ansell’s vending program and other protective gloves, apparel and safety solutions, including Ansell Guardian, visit www.ansellpro.com or call 800.800.0444 in the US. In Canada, visit www.ansellcanada.ca or call 800.363.8340.




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