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Ansell Ltd. January 11, 2010

New Ansell HyFlex® 11-511 Gloves Combine High Level Cut Protection, Comfort and Durability



RED BANK, NJ (January 11, 2010) – New HyFlex® 11-511 gloves from Ansell include Intercept Technology® in the liner to provide ANSI Level 4 cut protection, along with exceptional comfort and durability. Developed by Ansell and DuPont™, Intercept Technology is a yarn incorporating Kevlar® Stretch Armor Techology.

Ergonomically designed HyFlex 11-511 gloves are lightweight and offer the added protection of an extended cuff in the highly sensitive wrist area. They also ensure tactility and a superior grip in light oil and dry applications to enhance worker confidence while handling metals and other sharp objects.

"We listened closely to the voice of our customers and provided a product with features characteristic of other HyFlex products – but boosted the level of cut protection and increased the gloves' life span," said Keitha Kessler, Ansell marketing manager, Ergonomic products.

"New HyFlex 11-511 gloves have the potential to significantly reduce downtime because they are comfortable and provide sufficient tactile sensitivity so workers are more likely to wear them, which reduces hand injuries and eliminates the need to constantly remove and don the product. Glove durability translates into less frequent replacement and directly impacts the bottom line."

Other product features include a redesigned finger length for greater dexterity, flexibility and comfort, with proprietary nitrile foam technology increasing wear in the thumb crotch and palm area. Patented Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD) improves glove fit by releasing tension in high stress zones, and enhanced cuff overedging (ECO) provides greater elasticity in the cuff area for donning and doffing.

HyFlex 11-511 gloves are 100 percent silicone-free and latex-free to reduce skin sensitivity and product contamination. Suggested applications include door and wood framing, glass installation, knife handling, paper slitting, maintenance operations, sheet metal press work and small part stamping, and almost any task that requires workers to handle small, sharp parts.

The gloves are offered in a wide range of sizes (6-11) to protect more workers and are machine launderable with minimal shrinking and good recovery. The product's green color hides soil for increased wear and less product replacement.

For more information about Ansell HyFlex 11-511 gloves and other products in the popular HyFlex line, visit or call Customer Service at 800.800.0444.

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