VIKING™ 2-Finger Rubber Mittens

Gloves for use with VIKING™ dry suits

Key Features and Benefits

  • For use with the VIKING™ Rubber Cuff Rings: Added personal protection
  • Intended for heavy-duty use: Ideal for heavyweight applications
  • Comes with cotton inner gloves: Increased wearer comfort


  • Specialized features: VIKING™ 2-Finger Rubber Mittens are designed for rubber suits, seamlessly fitting over VIKING™ Rubber Cuff Rings
  • Elevated comfort: These protective mittens come with 5-finger cotton inner gloves and offer wearers a snug fit
  • Advanced defenses: Made from durable rubber material, these rubber mittens provide heavy-duty hand protection

Product details

  • MATERIAL Rubber
  • COLOR Black
  • SIZES Large

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