VIKING™ HD Latex Cuffs

The standard cuff fitted to VIKING™ HD and Divers Dress

Key Features and Benefits

  • Single dipped latex: Excellent personal protection
  • Extra-long design: For maximum sealing area
  • Tapered wrist sealing edge: Combining a snug fit and a tight seal


  • Specialized protection: VIKING™ HD Latex Cuffs are manufactured using a single dipping process, resulting in an even coating that provides a consistent layer of protection
  • Added protection: These cuffs have an extra-long length, which allows for a larger sealing area and can fit to different arm lengths
  • Elevated comfort: The VIKING™ HD Latex Cuffs feature a tapered wrist sealing edge that conforms to the wrist's shape, ensuring a snug fit and a tight seal

Product details

  • MATERIAL Natural rubber (NR) latex
  • THICKNESS 1.45 mm
  • COLOR Black
  • SIZES Unisize

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