Cut Protection Guide


How to choose the right cut protection

There are six available cut resistance ratings (A-F). Determining the necessary levels of cut protection required in a glove can sometimes be confusing.

Understanding glove allergies

Glove allergies are potentially life threatening. Understanding the nature and causes of these conditions can help identify and reduce the risk of allergies.

The hazards of cleaning chemicals

Routine exposure to hazardous chemicals expose cleaning professionals to injury and illnesses. Learn to mitigate the risks for janitorial staff.

Misconceptions of leather gloves

Leather rigger gloves are still widely used in industrial applications. Understanding the misconceptions of leather will lead to better decision making in hand protection selection.

How to manage heat exposure

Heat exposure is not limited to outdoor environments, with indoor locations also posing significant risk when workers are confined to poorly ventilated areas, or heat producting settings such as kitchens, foundries, laundries or chemical plants.

Safety Guides

March 19, 2020

The importance of Hand Ergonomics

In most industrial environments, repetitive manual tasks are an unavoidable daily requirement, with workers performing labour-intensive activities such as lifting or lowering, pushing or pulling and holding or restraining tools and other items.
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October 14, 2019

Protection from Petrochemicals

Petrochemicals are the base building blocks in manufacturing an incredibly broad spectrum of products across many industries. Categorised into three main chemical groups – olefins, aromatics and synthesis gases – there are hundreds of substances that fall under the petrochemical umbrella.
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July 25, 2019 Food processing and services

Protect the hand that feeds

Few industries exhibit the breadth of workplace hazards found within the food and beverage processing sector. So, how can safety managers easily determine which glove to use for each application within this multifaceted industry?
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June 05, 2019

Getting a Grip on Safety

Liquids and chemical compounds commonly found in (or generated by) industries such as oil and gas production, mining, assembly, stamping, metal-working and manufacturing are known to be harmful to humans.
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