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safety briefing

ActivArmr 97-011 handling dry ice
24. October 2018

Minimise the damaging effects of extreme environments

There are many applications that require the use of protective gloves to combat either hot or cold conditions. Beyond ambient temperature, additional environmental influences, dexterity requirement, and glove construction qualities will help identify selection of the most suitable protection.

02. May 2018

Still Confused with EN ISO 374?

Understand the key changes in 3 minutes

HyFlex 11-731 gloves
02. February 2018

Cutting Confusion

Exposure to sharp materials and cut risk is commonplace in industrial environments. The degree of risk dictates which of the six available cut resistance ratings (A-F) should be employed.

HyFlex 11-542
22. January 2018

Achieve Maximum Cut Protection

Ansell’s head of cut protection Paul Tierney on choosing the right gloves.


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