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Ansell Ltd. April 17, 2012


Activarmr® Mission Critical Gear selected by the Australian Defence Force for its tactical, peace-keeping or relief operations.


Melbourne, Australia, April 17, 2012 - Ansell today announced it has been selected as the supplier of combat gloves to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Ansell is a leading supplier of tactical and utility hand protection products to defence forces and peacekeeping operations worldwide. Its Activarmr® Mission Critical Gear is designed and engineered to provide optimal protection in extreme environments where teams need reliable gear to help them do their job safely and precisely.

Following a competitive tendering process which included user field trials, the ADF selected the Activarmr® Combat and Activarmr® Combat Extended Cuff gloves for mounted and dismounted combatants. Ansell will provide the ADF with Activarmr® gloves for the next 3 years, enabling the ADF to protect personnel at home and abroad. Last year both of these Activarmr® glove styles were placed on the US Army Approved Product List and Ansell started supplying the US Army and Marine Corps on multiple contracts.

Ansell also supplies the US Navy and US Air Force on several contracts. Activarmr® Combat and Combat Extended Cuff gloves are comfortable and dextrous, designed and engineered for use in all types of environments and across a wide range of general and soldier-specific tasks. These fully flame-resistant gloves offer superior grip and protection with excellent tactility. Their rugged construction ensures durability in the toughest conditions. The Activarmr® Combat Extended Cuff, specified by the ADF, is Ansell's proprietary design.

Commenting on the agreement, Magnus Nicolin CEO of Ansell Limited said, "We were honoured to sign this agreement with the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation, to help protect those who protect us all. Ansell understands perfectly the potential risks military personnel are facing and the need to provide the most advanced solutions, for comfort, safety and protection. This is a charge we take very seriously. With our Activarmr® range, we are providing the ultimate level of protection for the toughest of situations."

Colonel Haydn Kohl, Director of Clothing Systems Program Office within the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation, said, "We are committed to investing in the personal equipment and clothing that our soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen need to do their job. I am confident that this contract with Ansell will help us in achieving this objective".

This release does not constitute an endorsement by any US Dept of Defense or Australian Defence Force agency. Ansell, ® and TM are trademarks owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. © 2012 Ansell Limited. All rights reserved.



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