GAMMEX®: Innovative Surgical Gloves

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Innovation That Protects

GAMMEX surgical gloves are designed to respond to your evolving needs, protecting both you and your patients in all surgical settings. Driven by innovation, our sterile gloves feature unique latex-free glove formulations that provide optimized solutions for every user need: from ergonomic comfort to reduced hand fatigue, advanced allergy prevention and superior barrier protection. Everyday, operating room professionals around the world entrust their hands to Ansell so they can perform with confidence.



Latex Surgical Gloves

Made to the highest industry standards, our natural rubber latex, powder-free, surgical gloves deliver on the second-skin comfort, fit, feel, strength, and barrier protection expected by the most discerning health care workers.
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Latex-Free Surgical Gloves

Designed with unique formulations and ergonomic formers, our high-performance latex-free range of polyisoprene, neoprene and hybrid gloves set exceptional standards of comfort and durability while offering advanced allergy protection against both latex Type I and chemical Type IV glove allergies and sensitivities.

Specialty Surgical Gloves

Some procedures demand even stronger and safer barrier protection. Our specialty sterile gloves, such as our GAMMEX Non-Latex Radiation Attenuation, are optimized for dexterity and comfort while also helping to shield hands from the harmful effects of radiation attenuation.


Surgeon's Career Threatened

Dr. David Boes, an ophthalmic surgeon in Great Falls, Montana, USA, tells us the inconvenient truth of living with a Type IV chemical glove allergy.
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A SMART Pack for the Busy Workplace

We revolutionized our packaging to fit the way you work and delivered a host of conveniences such as a glove-return slot for unused gloves, a hand-shaped opening tab on dispenser boxes and smaller, easy-to-peel open poly-pouches.
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AMT enables the use of chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) on the inside of the glove to suppress the regrowth of bacteria on hands and prevent bacterial and viral migration in the event of a glove breach.
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A.R.T Technology is a proprietary process, integrated into the manufacturing line to help eliminate possible defects that may result in pinholes, delivering more advanced glove barrier protection.
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DERMASHIELD Technology is a proprietary inner coating for fast and easy damp or dry hand donning whether it is the first don or during intraoperative changes.
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ERGOFORM is a technology that enables Ansell to design safety solutions that support musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks to improve worker performance.
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HYDRASOFT Technology is an odorless, water-based coating applied on the inside of the glove that helps retain moisture and rehydrate dry skin to improve the wearers’ skin condition.
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PI-KARE Technology enables the elimination of standard chemical accelerators from polyisoprene (PI) gloves known to cause chemical Type IV allergies and sensitivities, making them safer to use.
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SENSOPRENE Technology delivers a glove up to 30% thinner than Ansell's standard neoprene surgical gloves so wearers' experience a high degree of sensitivity without compromising on durability and the optimum skin protection needed from allergies and sensitivities caused by latex or chemical accelerators.
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