Reopening Dental Practices: Infection Control Challenges

Join Dr. Roslyn Franklin, BDSc, GCert Infection Prevention and Control specialist and dentist as she presents best practices when preparing to reopen dental practices. With her respected consultancy business, Amalgamate, Roslyn has focused on working with and educating dental teams to achieve realistic and best practice infection prevention and control practice in Australia. Watch as she provides you with realistic and evidence-based infection control measures to reduce risk and improve safety for all workers and patients.

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Occupational Latex Allergy

Learn to differentiate between Type I, Type IV allergic responses and dermatitis; identify the incidence, causes and symptoms of latex allergy; understand the diagnosis of Type I Allergy; identify strategies and current recommendations to reduce latex allergy.
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Healthy Hands and Hand Hygiene Compliance - Can They Coexist?

Understand the relationship of hand hygiene, environmental surfaces and glove use in transmission of healthcare associated infections (HAI). Best practice recommendations, protection of skin integrity and solutions for skin irritation are presented.
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