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Shareholder FAQ

Want to become an Ansell Limited shareholder? For assistance please see the Questions and Answers below or contact a member of the Investor Relations team.

How do I buy shares in Ansell Limited?

You may buy Ansell Limited shares through your stockbroker just as you would buy shares in other listed companies.

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How much will Ansell Limited shares cost?

The share price is determined by the market.

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Will Ansell Limited shares be a good buy?

Ansell Limited can't give advice about its own shares or those of any other company. A stockbroker or other financial adviser can give such investment advice.

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Where can I buy Ansell Limited shares?

Ansell Limited shares are listed on the Australian stock exchanges.

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How and where do I find a good stockbroker?

Ansell Limited can't recommend a stockbroker, but we suggest you contact the Australian Stock Exchange. Alternatively, you could visit the ASX website which provides a guide for this process.

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What's the minimum amount of shares I can buy?

Currently the minimum investment is $500 (Aust $).

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