Jo Fabb-Ansell
Jo Fabb July 30, 2020

EMEA Life Sciences catalogue

Life Sciences professionals face contamination risks and chemical hazards within cleanrooms, controlled environments and laboratories. They rely on hand and body protective solutions to keep themselves safe, while protecting the vital research they’re conducting and the essential products they’re manufacturing.

Learn more about our technologies and services for Life Sciences in our Solutions Catalogue as well as browsing our full product portfolio featuring:

  • Hand & Arm Protection
Full range of disposable gloves in a range of materials and lengths for clean/sterile, clean/non-sterile, robust, multi-purpose, high-risk and high-touch protection.
  • Body Protection

Disposable garments and kits including clean/ sterile, clean/non-sterile, chemo safety wear and low hazard liquid protection suits

  • Goggles & Facemasks

Sterile and non-sterile goggles & facemasks for use in cleanrooms and aseptic environments.

  • RABS & Isolator Gloves

Pharmaceutical grade RABS and isolator gloves, validated sterile and available in a variety of configurations, port sizes and polymers.

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