Dean Clark
Dean Clark December 01, 2017

The Facts About Standards

Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) Standards vs. European Union (EN) Standards

"Even though the AS/NZS Standards were adapted from the EN Standards, there are instances where the EN standards have been revised, but the AS/NZS standard has not been updated since 2008. This means the AS/NZS standards for cut, abrasion, and impact have not been modernised to today’s needs.

The Australian Standard varies from the European standard, in that AS/NZS 2161 does not require a manufacturer, importer, distributor or supplier of protective gloves in Australia to undertake certified testing to claim compliance.

This creates a loophole for manufacturers and suppliers of safety gloves, where EN performance claims can be made without any independent proof.

Safety managers involved in the selection and purchase process need to be aware of this difference and speak with manufacturers about testing and certification of products. Learn about the differences between EN Standards and Australian/New Zealand Standards in our guide."