Dividend Reinvestment Plan Summary


Please note that the information set out below is general in nature only and does not constitute taxation or financial product or service advice.

You should not interpret the information in this Summary as a recommendation to participate in the DRP.

Ansell Limited and its officers, employees and agents will not be liable or responsible for your reliance on any information expressed or implied in this document. As individual circumstances vary, you are urged to seek your own independent professional advice prior to deciding whether to participate in the DRP.

How does the DRP work?

The Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) enables you as a shareholder of Ansell Limited (Ansell) to reinvest all or part of the dividends payable on your Shares converted to Australian dollars in additional Shares instead of receiving the dividend in cash.

Your participation in the DRP is entirely optional.

If you elect to reinvest your dividends, additional Shares will be allocated to you on, as soon as practicable, following the dividend payment date. Following the dividend payment date, you will receive a DRP statement setting out the number of Shares allocated to you, the price per Share and any other relevant information.

As part of the operation of the DRP, Ansell may:

>                either issue the required number of new shares or cause existing shares to be acquired on-market for transfer to participating shareholders;

>                arrange for the DRP to be fully or partially underwritten in respect of any dividends; and

>                apply a discount (determined by the Board) in respect of any dividend.

Shares transferred or issued under the DRP will rank equally in all respects with existing fully paid ordinary shares in Ansell.

Terms defined in the DRP Terms and Conditions have the same meaning when used below unless otherwise indicated. A copy of the DRP Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.

Am I eligible to participate?

Any shareholder having a registered address or being a resident in Australia, the United Kingdom or New Zealand can participate in the DRP, unless you hold Shares for the account or benefit of another person who resides in the United States.

If you are a shareholder with an address outside of Australia, the United Kingdom or New Zealand, you may not, at this time, participate in the DRP.

How do I participate?

If you wish to participate in the DRP, you need to register online at, or by completing and returning the DRP Application Form to our Share Registry, Computershare, at the address set out on page 3 of this booklet.

When will my participation begin?

Your participation in the DRP will commence in relation to the dividend with a Record Date next occurring after you have either registered online or returned your completed Application Form.

Will there be any costs?

There are no brokerage, commission or other transaction costs on Shares transferred or issued under the DRP, and under present Australian law, no stamp or other duties will be payable.

Do all of my Shares participate in the DRP?

If you wish to participate in the DRP, you can elect to participate for all or part of your shareholding (i.e. Full Participation or Partial Participation).

If you elect Full Participation, dividends on all of your Shares will be reinvested in acquiring new Shares. Dividends on Shares you may acquire in the future may also be reinvested in this way.

If you elect Partial Participation, you can nominate a number of Shares or the percentage of your shareholding that will participate in the DRP. Only dividends paid on those Shares that you nominate will be reinvested in acquiring new Shares. You will receive cash dividends on the balance of the shareholding in the normal way.

The Board may set a maximum level of participation in the DRP.

At what price will the Shares be allocated under the DRP?

At the absolute discretion of the Board, Shares will be allocated to you either:

(a)            at the average of the daily volume weighted average price of all Shares sold on the ASX and / or any other trading platforms (for example, Chi-X) (excluding all off-market trades which are not in the ordinary course of trading on the relevant platforms) during a period of five trading days, commencing two trading days after the Record Date in respect of the relevant dividend (or such other day or period as the Board may determine), less a discount (if any) determined by the Board from time to time; or

(b)            at the average price of all Shares acquired which will be used to satisfy all allocations under the DRP.

At what exchange rate will my dividend be converted to AUD?

As Ansell announces and pays its dividends in US dollars and its shares are quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange in Australian dollars, if you elect to participate in the DRP, you will be deemed to have agreed to have your dividend converted from US dollars to Australian dollars.

Until the Board determines otherwise, your dividend will be converted using the average daily exchange rate over the 5 business days prior to the announcement of the dividend.

How is my Share entitlement calculated?

The number of Shares to be allocated to you will be determined by dividing the dividend paid on all ‘Participating Shares’ (less any withholding tax) by the DRP Price (determined as above).

In the case of fractional entitlements, Ansell will round down to the nearest whole number of Shares. Any residual cash balance will be carried forward (without interest) and aggregated with any future dividend payments on Participating Shares.

Can I stop participating or vary the level of my participation?

You may vary your level of participation in the DRP or withdraw from the DRP at any time either online through the Investor Centre, or by sending a completed Variation / Termination Notice to Computershare

The variation or termination will be effective in relation to the dividend with a Record Date next occurring after notice is received.

You can obtain a Variation / Termination Notice by contacting Computershare.

Can I sell my DRP shares?

There are no restrictions on DRP shares.

If you elect for Full Participation, and then sell some of your Shares, the dividends on all of your remaining Shares will continue to be reinvested under the DRP.

If you elect for Partial Participation and then sell some of your Shares, the number of Shares sold will be deemed firstly to be Non-participating Shares and, once they are all sold, then secondly Participating Shares under the DRP.

If you sell all of your Shares, your participation in the DRP will cease with the effect from the date Ansell registers a transfer or instrument of disposal of your shareholding.

Can the DRP be modified, suspended or terminated?

Ansell may modify, suspend or terminate the DRP at any time by notice on the Ansell website and to the ASX.

What happens to any cash balance when my participation ends?

If the DRP is terminated by Ansell or you terminate your participation in the DRP, any positive cash balance will be paid to you. It is expected that residual balance payments will be made annually, as a separate payment to the normal dividend payment.

What are the taxation implications of participating?

Note: the following information is general in nature and only applies to Australian resident shareholders. You are encouraged to seek your own independent tax advice in relation to the taxation implications of participating in the DRP.

If you are an Australian resident shareholder, any dividends that are reinvested under the DRP will be assessable for income tax in the same way as any cash dividend.

You are also subject to Australian tax on any capital gain made when you dispose of shares you receive under the DRP. Shares held for more than 12 months may qualify for concessional tax treatment depending on your circumstances. For the purpose of calculating any capital gain (or loss), shares allocated under the DRP will have a ‘cost base’ equal to the amount of the dividend applied in acquiring the shares.

Where can I find out information?

If you wish to enquire further about the DRP, please contact Ansell’s Share Registry, Computershare, at the following address:

Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited
GPO Box 2975
Melbourne VIC 3000

Telephone:      1300 850 505 (within Australia)
                         (+61 3) 9415 4000 (outside Australia)

Facsimile:        (+61 3) 9473 2500

Web address: