Joelyn Yap
Joelyn Yap January 19, 2022

Choosing ESD Gloves: Minimising The Impact Of Static

Electrostatic is the result of contact between two materials — one positively and the other negatively charged. Most people are familiar with minor shocks experienced when touching something metallic like a door handle. The likelihood of this increases in low humidity conditions and when the individual is wearing, walking on or oth- erwise exposed to conductive materials.

The stakes are higher in environments that incorporate sensitive electronic components or explosion hazards, where electrostatic build up and discharge can cause considerable harm to both workers and sensitive electronic equipment and components.

Uncontrolled electrical discharge in ATEX zones is even more problematic. ATEX environments feature risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable or otherwise volatile materials. Because ESD often manifests as a spark, it holds potential for extensive harm in these conditions. Applications defined under ATEX call for PPE that will not give rise to ESD which could lead to explosion.

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