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At Ansell, we continue our journey toward becoming a more eco-friendly company by improving our environmental management standards and minimizing our carbon footprint. In our commitment to reduce climate impact, we have established achievable, multi-year reduction targets for GHG emissions, water, energy, and waste. As we move forward on our sustainability journey, driven by coworker engagement, strategic partnerships, technological innovation and operational advances, we will continue to make steady progress toward these goals.

Environment goals

GHG Immissions

GHG emissions

25% of Scope 1 (direct) and Scope 2 (indirect) emissions in tonnes of CO2-equivalent/$M production value, below FY2016 baseline by end of FY2025.



Continuous improvement and reduction of energy costs.



15% reduction in water usage, measured in m3/tonnes of raw material, below the FY2016 baseline by end of FY2025.



Baseline to be established in FY19.

Sustainability Stories

maj 18, 2018

Ansell Canada celebrates safety week

Safety week is aimed at raising safety awareness and building a healthy environment in the workplace. The lunch-and-learn session provided coworkers with a clearer understanding of office safety, safe work practices, and relief from fatigue.
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