Jennifer Barber
Jennifer Barber oktober 31, 2018

Table Linens

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) result in increased morbidity, mortality and cost. The CDC reports that one in 20 patients is affected by an HAI each day and that more than 30 billion dollars are spent each year on these complications. A recent study found that surgical site infections (SSIs) were the most common healthcare associated infection, accounting for 31% of all HAIs among hospitalized patients globally. Treatment of each SSI has been averaged at $10,000-$25,000. Organisms responsible for HAIs have been linked to patients, healthcare workers, invasive lines, equipment and environmental factors. Environmental factors include contaminated hospital privacy curtains, air vents and patient contact surfaces such as O.R. beds and examination tables. Furthermore, these organisms can survive on hospital surfaces for significant periods of time and can be transferred to other patients as well as healthcare workers. Every effort to reduce the risk of this transfer must be undertaken in an ongoing effort to improve patient safety. A recent study tested bacterial migration from a contaminated surface to a patient surrogate with the use of a variety of table covers. Read the full testing report on bacterial migration.