Proprietary Ansell technologies and non-latex formulations have helped take allergy protection, comfort, fit and feel of Ansell's non-latex gloves to the next level.

Our next generation of more comfortable and durable polyisoprene (PI) gloves feature our skin-friendly PI-KARE Technology that enables the elimination of standard chemical accelerators known to cause Type IV chemical allergies; while our 100% chemical accelerator-free neoprene gloves feature our SENSOPRENE Technology to help deliver thinner neoprene gloves that do not compromise on strength for sensitivity.

Beyond skin-friendly PI performance

PI-KARE Technology enables the elimination of standard chemical accelerators known to cause Type IV chemical allergies and sensitivities. Instead, only biologically safer chemical accelerators known to remain within the glove with better tolerance to skin are used for optimized allergenic profile. PI-KARE Technology takes PI performance further by delivering gloves that are even more durable and ‘stretchier’ with improved comfort, fit and feel to deliver heightened sensitivity and dexterity.

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Thinner neoprene gloves for enhanced comfort and sensitivity

SENSOPRENE Technology delivers a proprietary neoprene formulation allowing for the manufacture of a 100% chemical accelerator-free glove that is up to 30% thinner than Ansell’s standard neoprene glove. Surpassing ASTM, ISO & EN safety and durability requirements, gloves made with SENSOPRENE Technology achieve an excellent balance between durability and glove sensitivity.

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HYBRID™ Synthetic Blend Technology

Ansell's proprietary HYBRID Technology has delivered a semi-transparent PI Hybrid glove solution offering the best of both worlds: the comfort and sensitivity of a PI glove combined with the strength and durability of neoprene.

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The Only Non-Latex Gloves with Third-party Ergonomic Certification

ERGOFORM is a technology that enables Ansell to design safety solutions that support musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks to improve worker performance.

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Our exclusive Ansell glove formers, designed around how your hands work, together with our best-in-class non-latex formulations deliver synthetic surgical gloves that heighten the comfort level of surgeons and nurses to help minimize everyday muscle strain and reduce hand injury risks.

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All Ansell gloves certified for ergonomic performance by United States Ergonomics achieved forearm and hand muscle effort values below the 20% MVC (muscle value contraction) certification threshold. Gloves were tested alongside other gloves, and to baseline barehanded movement, evaluating the users’ muscle effort and overall comfort when performing everyday tasks.

“I think it’s really far more common than is recognized. I know 5 surgeons who have the same contact dermatitis, as I did, from a non-latex glove that was resolved when they went to the GAMMEX Non-Latex gloves.”

~Chemical allergic surgeon, USA


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