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What is Ansell Cytostatic Permeation Program (ACPP)?

With worldwide cancer rates and chemotherapy treatment increasing, there is no safe level of occupational exposure to toxic drugs to healthcare workers.1 Ansell Cytostatic Permeation Program (ACPP) is a unique dynamic permeation test that has been designed to provide you with an added in-use perspective of chemotherapy drugs permeation detection. Besides being tested to EN 16523-1 and ASTM D6978 standards that is done under static condition, Ansell has taken a step further with developing ACPP that uses controlled dynamic condition testing through our Ansell Dynamic Testing Device that mimics the everyday use in your workplace.

To learn more about ACPP, click here.

1. Wilson BE, Jacob S, Yap ML, Ferlay J, Bray F, Barton MB. Estimates of global chemotherapy demands and corresponding physician workforce requirements for 2018 and 2040: a population-based study. Lancet Oncol. 2019; (20): 769–780.

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