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RABS and isolator gloves

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AlphaTec 85600601602 EPDM Life Sciences Application Pipette and Petri Dishes in an Isolator

Approved for use in some of the most respected research-and-development and injectables manufacturing facilities in the world, Ansell's range of RABS and isolator pharmaceutical-grade gloves are cleanroom processed and packed, validated sterile, and available in a variety of sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BioClean RABS & Gloves are 100% inspected, how?

Our manufacturing process has five separate product inspections throughout. Each RAB/Isolator glove/Mitten is visually inspected 100% for holes, along with water and air pressure testing. This is achieved by the glove or mitten being filled with air to a specified pressure before being submerged underwater for three minutes. The water is checked for any bubbles identifying whether the product has a pinhole leak. This 100% inspection guarantees delivery of a glove or mitten free from holes, and is more rigorous than the AQL approach for surgical gloves which is based on a statistical sampling plan.

Can the gloves be autoclaved?

Yes. Our nitrile RABS/isolator gloves can be autoclaved and perform better than CSM/Hypalon. For documentation, please contact us.