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Ansell Ltd. December 04, 2013


December 04, 2013, Guangzhou, China – Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, today announces that it has successfully held the “A Promise to Protect” Ansell Summit at the Hilton Guangzhou in China. The summit served as a platform for medical professionals in South China and Hong Kong to discuss and share the best practices for nursing safety and occupational protection. Ansell was proud in providing such a unique opportunity for the industry practitioners to put heads together in exchanging and advancing their occupational expertise. The Summit drew active participation from many medical institutions, professionals, and large media companies. In attendance were delegates from the state health administration departments, Association of Hong Kong Operating Room Nurses, Hong Kong Association of Occupational Health Nurses, top Guangdong hospitals, renowned medical specialists, scholars, and loyal Ansell customers.

The leaders of the health administration departments involved in the Summit discussed the new Ministry of Health requirements and supervision measures on nursing safety and occupational infection control for healthcare personnel. Healthcare specialists from Guangdong General Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital of Zhongshan University, and Guangzhou’s First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University also shared their experiences on issues ranging from nursing emergency response and occupational infection control, to operating room guidelines and infection/risk prevention. In addition, experts from the Association of Hong KongOperating Room Nurses, Hong Kong Association of Occupational Health Nurses and Hong Kong’s Kwong Wah Hospital exchanged views with healthcare personnel from mainland China on best practices in operating room nursing safety management in Hong Kong.

“We are very glad to see active participation at this Summit by many medical professionals and respected clients in China,” said Denis Gallant, SVP and Regional Director of Ansell Asia Pacific. “This meeting has provided us with an opportunity to share the advanced technology of Ansell products with users throughout China.”

On the same occasion, satisfied users of Ansell products also shared their experiences on overcoming challenges specifically related to the use of medical gloves in the healthcare industry. The users provided fellow professionals with valuable insights, as well as solutions to some common problems related to glove use. By sharing their candid, personal experiences, they demonstrated the significant benefits in the use of reliable and advanced Ansell medical products.

Mr. David Shen, Medical Solutions Director of Sales at Ansell for the China region presented on the innovative product developments in China, the technical advantages of glove use, and the future trends of medical glove technology related to Ansell medical gloves. Mr. Shen’s presentation provided medical personnel from mainland China and Hong Kong with the latest news in medical glove innovation, which was very well received by the Summit’s participants.

Ansell has a long history spanning more than 100 years. Ansell stands as the number one surgical glove manufacturer in the global manufacturing market. Ansell provides a complete range of high-quality, low-allergenic, latex, non-latex, and accelerator-free surgical gloves. Its products are certified by high-quality standards, including the US FDA and European EN standards, and the Japan JIS standards.

Over the years, Ansell has developed a wide-range of advanced medical protection solutions, which include a series of world-class medical gloves. The Company’s comprehensive range includes: surgical gloves for plastic surgery, optical surgery, and other delicate surgical procedures. The range of gloves includes both powdered and powder-free, latex-free, chemical accelerator-free gloves and other specialised varieties, including chemical protection gloves used in other areas of a hospital.

Ansell gloves are equipped with a wide-range of innovations. The Ansell powder-free glove range reduces the occurrence of skin irritation and minimizes the incidence of contact dermatitis and can also help to prevent wound infections and speed up wound healing to help patients recover faster.

The Ansell range also includes GAMMEX® PF with AMTTM antimicrobial technology, and Gammex PF Accelerator-Free Sensitive surgical gloves, which are latex-free and accelerator-free, developed for individuals with sensitive skin. Ansell medical gloves encompass protection, reliability, and comfort for users.

The Ansell China Medical Business Unit has introduced eight series of medical and chemical gloves, including GAMMEX (powder-free), GAMMEX MICRO-GRIPTM (powder-free), GAMMEX (powdered), GAMMEX DERMAPRENETM, MEDI-GRIP® (powder-free), MEDI-GRIP® (powdered), VIRTEXTM and Solvex®.

Ansell Medical will continue to expand its market share in China, bringing the most globally advanced medical protection facilities to the Chinese market for the benefit of medical professional, patients, and consumers. Ansell will also provide educational training services for clients in China through the use of training tools such as pamphlets, training media, and posters, with leading glove usage educational programmes such as AnsellCARESSM.



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