Dayan Gunawardena
Dayan Gunawardena April 10, 2018

Ansell Lanka Opens Fourth Biomass Generator, Advancing Its Progress Towards Renewable Energy

Ansell uses heat for a variety of applications during its manufacturing process, including leaching, curing, and drying. Heat generation using furnace oil at Ansell Lanka contributes nearly thirteen percent of direct greenhouse gas emissions in Ansell.  

To reduce our carbon footprint and lower energy costs, Ansell Lanka installed the new Biomass Hot Water Generator (Bio3). Darryl Nazareth – SVP Operations and R&D and Gerald Koh – VP Global Engineering & Manufacturing Tech ceremoniously opened the boiler on 10 April 2018. This is Ansell's fourth biomass boiler and consists of the latest technology in the biomass heater industry, with a capacity of 12.5 MW.

Bio3 has supplied hot water to the plant since 10 January 2018. The generator is equipped with fully automated fuel feeding, soot blowing, and ash removal systems, thus requiring fewer staff to maintain the boiler than the earlier models. The automatic ash removal feature also maintains the cleanliness of the new heater house. The cleaning interval of Bio3 is six months, which is roughly three times more than Bio1 and twice of Bio2. This generator also operates at a higher efficiency of around 85% (as per BS standard).

Ansell invested in this project last year and estimated the completion in less than one year. This allowed Ansell Lanka to maximize its performance while reducing emissions by more than 14,000 tCO2 annually.