Redefine Your COMFORT ZONE™

Every day millions of workers across a variety of industries perform the same routines out of habit, sometimes wearing inadequate hand protection, which can lead to distraction and affect their work experience. Maybe their gloves are uncomfortable. Maybe they’re too bulky. Maybe they’re allowing oil to seep in. Or worst of all, maybe they aren’t providing adequate protection.

It’s a distraction many workers have learned to live with. In a sense, it’s become their default comfort zone. Over time though, this distraction can lead to worker dissatisfaction. It can jeopardize safety by causing glove removal. And it can cost both the worker and their company valuable productivity.

At Ansell, we would like to change the habits that have led to workers compromising their hand protection in industrial settings. That’s why our HyFlex® gloves are engineered with both performance and protection in mind. Lightweight and durable, these gloves protect while delivering a superior level of dexterity and comfort. The end result is a satisfied, safer and more productive worker.