Leigh Duffy
Leigh Duffy January 15, 2019

Minimizing Risk Takes Time

What Makes a Surgical Environment Safer?

Well-coordinated safety programs that routinely include the use of safety engineered devices and organizational investment for staff health can potentially:

  • Eliminate waste and improve the organization’s productivity by protecting employees from injury.
  • Help the organization to meet its occupational health and safety obligations.
  • Create a safer environment for patients and staff and thereby increase their satisfaction.
  • Assist the organization to maintain a reputation for service excellence and care of their staff.
It is important however, that key decision makers appreciate that the overall benefit of introducing specific staff occupational health and safety programs may not be immediately apparent and that in some cases it may take up to at least two years for compelling data to clearly quantify benefit.

So how do you get change to happen? Download these tips on how to become a champion for healthcare worker safety at your organization.