Consumer PPE vs. Medical PPE

Impact of Low-Quality PPE In Infection Control

Medical gloves undergo a stricter set of pre-established criteria within their region’s jurisdiction. This means that medical gloves must have the capacity to reliably reduce or prevent the transmission of infection or disease.  Consumer PPE gloves however cannot be relied upon to provide adequate levels of protection and may provide a false sense of security.

Watch Dr. Cath Murphy as she examines the difference between higher level medical gloves and their level of protection versus consumer glove PPE.



Dr. Murphy has previously explored in more detail the importance of glove choice, in AnsellCARES InTouch Clinical Update Why Quality Gloves Matter. Dr. Murphy defines infection risks associated with incorrect glove use or use of inferior glove products in healthcare settings. Global and national manufacturing standards that dictate glove quality are examined, including a review of how healthcare workers can assess glove quality as part of their glove selection process.

Quarterly InTouch Issue 4

For more information on Why Quality Gloves Matter, read InTouch Clinical Update Issue 4 where Dr. Murphy further examines glove standards, the use of inferior gloves products, and why quality gloves matter during an outbreak.