PPE Reuse During the Pandemic

Impact of Low-Quality PPE In Infection Control

There are no reliable or valid tests to tell us how we can safely reuse any piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), so what options do healthcare workers have when PPE is in short supply due to a pandemic such as COVID-19? Dr. Cath Murphy provides insights into this potentially catastrophic predicament faced currently by healthcare workers. The first solution is to reduce PPE waste by assessing and planning necessary patient activities and ensuring only those people who really need to go in for patient care use the valuable PPE supplies. Caution should be observed with PPE reuse. Make certain that you reference your infection prevention guidelines and manufacture’s product data and technical information to best analyze and establish safe work practices.

Please join Dr. Cath Murphy as she explores solutions to the dilemma faced by healthcare workers with limited personal protective equipment (PPE) supply during the COVID-19 pandemic.



The limited supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) is being experienced by all the world. Recognized as a leading medical authority, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of PPE during Shortages.

Ansell's COVID-19 Safety Resources page offers guides to cleaning PPE where you can download the PDF Prolonging Disposable Glove Usage.
For more information and support, please read Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of PPE during Shortages.
Access COVID-19 work health and safety guidance for workplaces through Safe Work Australia.