How to Select a Medical Glove

Impact of Low-Quality PPE In Infection Control

Not all gloves are made equally. Gloves should be chosen based on certain characteristics and attributes that are a sign of quality. These include glove integrity, manufacture at an acceptable quality level, absent or minimal allergen content, comfort during wear, sustainable environmentally conscious packaging and dispensing to reduce waste and save time. As surgical gloves are often worn for long periods of time, these factors are essential to ensure minimal concerns to the wearer, so that their duties are performed efficiently for the entire duration of their professional career.

Please join Dr. Cath Murphy as she explores the fundamentals of the criteria high-quality manufacturers are striving for with their glove production, to provide the best outcome to healthcare workers.



Regardless of their material, the primary attribute of surgical gloves is to provide a biological barrier of protection. Alongside offering minimal allergen content, strength, durability, other secondary attributes offer excellent fit and comfort to the wearer. In an effort to achieve these goals, glove innovation technology has produced different synthetic polymers that deliver exceptional performance benefits while reducing the risk of Type I latex and Type IV chemical allergy. Explore and examine different synthetic glove properties and discover the most suitable non-latex glove for your individual needs.

Choose the right glove by understanding which glove properties are best suited for the task.