Live On-Site Presentation Requests

Our clinical continuing education and professional development courses are also designed to be facilitated on-site by an AnsellCARES certified experts to Registered Nurses. If you are interested in an AnsellCARES certified expert delivering one of our continuing education courses, please fill out the web form on this page.

Please see the topics we offer below:

  1. Chemical Allergy Masquerade
    Understand the potential causes of Type IV chemical allergy and learn how to identify symptoms, proper   treatment and reduce risk.

  2. Double Gloving — A Standard Practice in Surgery
    Review the evidence and recommendations for double gloving to promote safety and reduce healthcare worker and patient risk

  3. Hand Hygiene: Skin and Hand Care in the Healthcare Setting
    Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) lead to significant mortality and cost. Learn best practice for hand hygiene and ways to maintain healthy skin while reducing infection risk.

  4. Understanding Latex Allergy in the Healthcare Setting
    Understand the incidence, causes, symptoms and treatment of Type I latex allergy and identify strategies to reduce the associated risk.

  5. Healthcare Worker Protection Glove PPE Best Practice
    Review the recommendations for use of gloves as personal protective equipment, and their important role as part of basic infection control principals.