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Hospitals around the world are moving from latex to non-latex surgical gloves

More and more, hospitals are moving to 100% non-latex gloves in their move to eliminate the risk of latex glove allergy. Despite the use of non-latex surgical gloves, Type IV or chemical allergies and sensitivities causing skin-related reactions are on the rise. This is why it is important you Know the DIFFERENCE between glove allergies and the innovations in non-latex surgical gloves that you should consider when seeking protection and comfort.

New glove innovation eliminates use of standard chemical accelerators known to cause Type IV chemical allergies.


Move to non-latex medical gloves

Innovations That Protect

Ansell's proprietary non-latex formulations and technologies are delivering on a new generation of non-latex gloves setting a whole new standard of comfort and durability while offering advanced allergy protection. How are we different?


Hidden Cost of Latex

A significant saving in switching to non-latex gloves comes through getting rid of the “hidden costs” of not making the change. Calculate your current costs associated with latex usage and work out the difference.


Allergies Explained

Know the difference between latex Type I and chemical Type IV allergies and sensitivities. Find out how they develop and what the associated symptoms are.


Clinical Compendium

A list of clinical summaries with insight into latex allergies, costs associated with the use of latex, hospital conversion, chemical allergies prevalence.


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