BioClean-C™ Chemotherapy Apron BCDA

Chemotherapy Protective Apron - Non-sterile

Key Features and Benefits
  • Tested against permeation standard ASTM F739-12
  • Tie tapes at rear
  • Adjustable neck fastening
  • Lightweight low-linting CleanTough material
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Providing protection against a range of chemotherapy drugs, the BioClean-C Chemotherapy Protective Apron is manufactured from lightweight low-linting CleanTough blue material, and features tie tapes at the rear and an adjustable neck fastening for easy donning and comfort.
  • Life Sciences
Item Number Product name Product description Packaging Case qty
BCDA-S, BCDA-M, BCDA-L BioClean-C S, M, L One piece per sealed inner PE bag; one inner bag per sealed outer PE bag; 50 outer bags per lined carton (50 pieces) 50 pieces
    • ASTM F739
    • Category III
    • EN 13934-1
    • EN 19935-2
    • EN 530
    • EN 6530
    • EN 7854
    • EN 863
    • EN 9073-4
  • Administering drugs
  • Chemical Handling
  • Blending, compounding solids and/or liquids
  • Mixing of Chemicals
  • CONSTRUCTION Adjustable neck, tie fastening at waist