GAMMEX® PI Glove-in-Glove™ System

Synthetic, pre-donned double gloving system of two gloves in one enabling healthcare workers to double glove in one don

Key Features and Benefits
  • Outer and inner gloves are pre-donned and aligned at the finger tips for easy double gloving in one don, saving on half the donning time
  • Semi-transparent outer glove and a green-colored inner glove for easy glove breach detection
  • Reduced impact on the environment with 50% less inner packaging used
  • Two glove sizing combinations currently available: Same size inner and outer glove; and, a second combination where the inner glove is ½ size bigger than the outer glove
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Glove-In-Glove™ Pre-donned Double Gloving System

Ansell’s patent-pending double gloving system is the world’s first pre-donned outer and inner surgical gloves enabling healthcare workers to double glove in just one don. This system combines the semi-transparent GAMMEX® PI Hybrid, as the outer glove, delivering on the comfort of PI and the strength of neoprene, and the green-colored GAMMEX® Non-Latex PI Underglove as the inner glove for quick and easy glove breach detection.


  • Pre-donned outer and inner gloves are packed in one poly-pouch and one inner-wrap to help make double gloving easier and faster, saving on half the donning time; and, with 50% less inner packaging materials used, reducing the impact on the environment
  • The outer and inner gloves are aligned at the finger tips to minimize the need for adjustments upon donning
  • The outer glove comes off easily and the smooth upper surface of the inner glove makes it easy to accommodate any intraoperative changes
  • Non-latex, diphenylguanidine-free (DPG-Free) and cetylpyridinium chloride-free (CPC-Free) to eliminate the risk of Type I latex allergy and minimize chemical Type IV allergies and skin sensitivities
Size Code
5.5 340084055
6 340084060
6.5 340084065
7 340084070
7.5 340084075
8 340084080
8.5 340084085
9 340084090
    • AS/NZS 4179
    • ASTM D3577
    • ASTM D7160
    • ASTM F1670
    • EN 420
    • EN 455 1-4
    • ISO 10282
  • Damp donning
  • Easy identification of a glove breach
  • Protection from Type I latex allergy in HCW's or patients
  • MATERIAL Neoprene (Polychloroprene),PI (Polyisoprene)
  • POWDER CONTENT Powder-Free
  • COLOR Natural,Green
  • THICKNESS Standard
  • CUFF STYLE Beaded with SUREFIT™ Technology
  • EXTERNAL GLOVE SURFACE Smooth with Micro-Textured Finish
  • INTERNAL GLOVE SURFACE Polymer Coated with DERMASHIELD™ Technology
  • GRIP LEVEL Moderate