ENCORE® Latex Micro

Latex, powder free micro surgical gloves offer exceptional tactile sensitivity and dexterity

Key Features and Benefits

  • Micro thin: Made 20% thinner* for enhanced precision performance
  • Brown color: Reduces glare of bright surgical lights to prevent eye fatigue
  • Smooth with micro-textured finish: Unique surface offers secure grip
  • *when compared with Ansell’s standard latex gloves

Standards and certifications

ASTM D3577
ASTM D7160
EN 16523-1
EN ISO 374-1:2016 K P T
EN 374-2 and -4
EN ISO 374-5:2016
EN 455 1-4
EN ISO 21420:2020
ISO 10282


  • Heightened dexterity: Being 20% thinner than Ansell’s standard powder-free latex gloves, ENCORE® Latex Micro offer exceptional level of tactile sensitivity and dexterity preferred for delicate procedures
  • Elevated ergonomic comfort: Ansell’s unique anatomic glove formers deliver surgical gloves designed for enhanced comfort and movement to help reduce hand fatigue
  • Double-gloving versatility: This micro glove’s brown color diminishes surgical glare while offering the wearer the option to use it as an inner glove when double gloving for easy breach detection
  • Enhanced donning aid: A unique internal coating enables easy donning and doffing under dry or damp hand conditions, be it the first don or during intra-operative changes

  • CAUTION: Safe use of these gloves by latex-sensitized individuals has not been established. This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

Recommended For

  • All surgeries, especially delicate procedures in ophthalmology, micro, and cardiovascular
  • Damp donning
  • Enhanced tactile sensitivity and dexterity, especially for delicate procedures
  • Prevention of eye fatigue

Primary industries

  • Healthcare

Featured technologies

A.R.T™ Technology

Product details

  • MATERIAL Natural Rubber Latex
  • POWDER CONTENT Powder-Free
  • COLOR Brown
  • CUFF STYLE Beaded with SUREFIT™ Technology
  • EXTERNAL GLOVE SURFACE Smooth with Micro-Textured Finish
  • INTERNAL GLOVE SURFACE Polymer Coated with DERMASHIELD™ Technology
  • GRIP LEVEL Moderate
  • DOUBLE GLOVING RECOMMENDATION Outer glove or underglove
  • TESTED FOR USE WITH CHEMOTHERAPY DRUGS Yes, in accordance with ASTM D6978 (Not listed in the US FDA 510k)
  • FREEDOM FROM HOLES (INSPECTION LEVEL I) • In process control before packing: 0.65 (Inspection level GI) • Manufacturing final release: 0.65 (Inspection level GI)


Size Code
5.5 330104055 50 pairs per box; 4 boxes per carton/case; 200 pairs per carton/case
6 330104060
6.5 330104065
7 330104070
7.5 330104075
8 330104080
8.5 330104085
9 330104090
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Made in a facility:

  • Running on 83% renewable energy
  • Certified by Intertek for diverting >99% of waste from landfill
  • With accredited Environmental Management System
  • Recyclable
  • Packaging includes min. 70% recycled material
  • Redesigned to contain 51% less material versus previous packaging
  • Shipper case sizes optimized for efficient shipping
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