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Ansell gloves are specifically designed to meet the dexterous requirements of most dental environments. From basic cleanings to dental surgeries, orthodontics and cosmetics, Ansell dental gloves deliver superior protection through innovative products that support worker health and increase performance.

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Not all types of skin respond well to every material. Ansell is conscious of the latex allergies that afflict many workers, which is why we provide gloves made from nitrile and neoprene to suit the needs of every kind of dental practitioner. To learn about cutting edge advancements in dental gloves, read about our recent breakthroughs in HYDRASOFT™ Technology, which rehydrates your skin to reduce painful drying and cracking and improve your glove wearing experience. Finding your perfect fit is no trouble with Ansell.

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Ergonomics in Dental

Dental professionals demand a lot from their hands. The repetitive nature of the tasks they perform leave muscles, nerves and tendons in their hands wrists and arms susceptible to strain that can lead to diseases like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. That’s why Ansell developed ERGOFORM, a new technology that enables us to design hand protection that supports musculoskeletal health to improve worker performance.
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